What is Harvest to End Hunger MN?

Every community has “hidden hungry” who are struggling to gain stability during tough times. The six Feeding America food banks serving local regions in Minnesota have joined forces to offer farmers like you a way to help fight hunger in your local community. Through Share Fresh, farmers can donate excess produce crops that will go to food banks and food shelves locally.

How does hunger affect rural MN?

Hunger is an often hidden problem that is affecting seniors, working families and children in rural as well as metro areas. Rural and greater Minnesota make up 50 percent of the population missing meals. Families who live in our rural regions, face a number of challenges that put them at even greater risk of hunger. A lack of transportation, remote social service agencies and tight employment all make it more difficult for people to get enough food to feed themselves and their families.

How can farmers help end hunger?

Share Fresh: Donate excess crops such as sweet corn, potatoes, green beans and apples to your local food bank. Donate produce.

Participating Food Banks

Across Minnesota these six food banks affiliated with Feeding America—each have their own service area and procure and distribute food to thousands of food shelves and other hunger relief agency programs in the state.

Food insecurity statistics from FeedingAmerica.org.
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